CASNRCollege of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
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Nine participants from the six academic departments in CASNR and one representative of the first generation student program at TTU were interviewed.
Steven was the only participant who did not show an immense amount of support toward CASNR or TTU, although he was mostly satisfied with his education.
05) difference existed in students' scores of general global knowledge, post course, by comparing the CASNR international dimension courses completed based on mode of course delivery.
Therefore, a similar result could be anticipated for students enrolling in ID courses offered by CASNR whether the mode of course delivery was face-to-face or online.
The target population of this study was limited to students in CASNR at Oklahoma State University.
Therefore, CASNR should continue to support international dimension courses taught through face-to-face and online modes of instruction, which, in effect, should help to reach more students irrespective of the mode of instruction delivery they prefer.
Taking into account the problems and challenges instructors of online courses encounter (McConnell, 2000) as well as students' low performance on the test of general global knowledge, officials in CASNR should provide instructors professional development in the use of effective instructional strategies and teaching methods.
This was a census study (Patton, 2002) and the target population consisted of all undergraduate students (N = 147) enrolled in three international dimension undergraduate courses offered by CASNR during the Fall semester of 2010.
93) was, There is no need for CASNR to pursue internationalizing its curriculum because students will gain a global perspective elsewhere.
63) and CASNR students should develop a greater awareness of international issues in agricultural sciences and natural resources (M = 4.
Even though this was a census study, a limitation was that only undergraduate students who were enrolled in the international dimension courses offered by CASNR at Oklahoma State University were surveyed.
However, based on students' slight shift in agreement, CASNR officials should consider adding a foreign language component to students' degree requirements.