CASOCCalifornia Arabian Standard Oil Company (now Arabia American Oil Company)
CASOCCombined Air and Space Operations Center (military base; Qatar)
CASOCClubs and Societies on Campus (Australia)
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In 1944, Casoc changed its name to the Arabian American Oil Company (Aramco).
By 1940, Casoc employs 3,229 Saudis, 363 Americans and 121 other foreign employees.
1944 Corporate Changes/Expansions: In 1944, Casoc changed its name to Arabian American Oil Company (Aramco).
Finally he obtained a three-year assignment in Saudi Arabia with CASOC, which had a concession for exploring and drilling for oil (no commercial quantities had yet been found).
Barger spent most of his early days in Saudi Arabia away from headquarters in Dhahran exploring the Rub Al Khali and other areas of the CASOC concession.
King Abd Al Aziz is welcomed aboard the DG Scofield during his first visit to Casoc's operations in Dhahran and Ras Tanura
A Casoc party camps near Abu Jifan en route to Jeddah on a trip to visit King Abd Al Aziz in March 1937
The news was what Casoc had wanted -- and needed -- to hear.
Dame left the mission in 1936, but he did not go far: He moved to the new frontier town called Dhahran, where he joined the medical team at the California Arabian Standard Oil Company (Casoc), the predecessor of Saudi Aramco.
To develop the concession, SOCAL had to set up California Arabian Standard Oil Company (CASOC).
Aramco was established in the early 1930s and it was called CASOC (California-Arabian Standard Company).
At that time, they were Americans who are with Aramco or the companies associated with it before it was called Aramco (CASOC).