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CASPCompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (certification)
CASPCounseling and School Psychology (Boise, ID)
CASPCommunications Application Service Provider
CASPCritical Appraisal Skills Programme
CASPCalifornia Anti-SLAPP Project
CASPCritical Assessment of Techniques for Protein Structure Prediction
CASPCalifornia Association of School Psychologists
CASPCanadian Association for Suicide Prevention
CASPCommunity Alliance for Safety and Peace (Salinas, CA)
CASPCentre d'Action Sociale Protestant (French: Center for Protestant Social Action)
CASPCritical Assessment of Structure Prediction (research experiment)
CASPComputer-Aided Search Planning (US DoD)
CASPCassin's Sparrow (bird species Aimophila cassinii)
CASPCambridge Arctic Shelf Programme
CASPCanadian Agro-Sustainability Partnership (Charlottetown, PEI, Canada)
CASPComprehensive Agricultural Support Programme (South Africa)
CASPCritical Assessment of Protein Structure Prediction
CASPClube de Astronomia de São Paulo (São Paulo City Astronomy Club, Brazil)
CASPCalifornia Aviation System Plan
CASPChild Analytic Study Program
CASPComputer-Assisted Search Planning (System)
CASPCanadian Atlantic Storms Program
CASPCivilian Acquired Skills Program
CASPConnecticut Association of School Psychologists
CASPComputer Aided Search Planning (US Coast Guard)
CASPCytohesin Associated Scaffolding Protein
CASPCommunications Applications Specific Processor
CASPCabot After School Program (Newtonville, MA)
CASPCommunication Application Service Provider
CASPCentralized Ammunition Stock Point (US Army)
CASPCoordinated Air/Sea Procedures
CASPCollaborative Agribusiness Support Program (USA)
CASPConventional Activated Sludge Plant (wastewater treatment)
CASPCountry Analysis Strategy Paper
CASPCommercial Auto Safety Program
CASPCDS Application Support Programs (NASA)
CASPCoherent Acoustic Sediment Probe
CASPChemical Ammunition Supply Point
CASPCollaborative Association Study of Psoriasis
CASPCanadian Airspace Systems Plan
CASPControl & Status Panel
CASPComputer-Aided Structured Programming
CASPCommonwealth Additional Skills Program
CASPComputer-Aided Search and Rescue Planning
CASPContracted Application Service Provider
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When analyzing the selected publications one of them scored three according to the instrument, CASP (18).
From the beginning, CASP wanted the focus to be strictly on the commissioned work.
to fulfil these support needs through the CASP agreement," said Simon Powell, senior
Halian will leverage this experience and skills to provide the new support services and will add three new technical specialists as part of the CASP agreement.
The CASP Blueprint for Canadian National Suicide Prevention Strategy.
CASP Phase II vision is "The Greater Mekong Subregion is recognized as the leading producer of safe food, using climate-friendly agricultural practices and is integrated into global markets through regional economic corridors.
In collaboration with CASP and with the backing of the primate, Archbishop Fred Hiltz, the Council of the North also launched a letter-writing campaign aimed at federal MPs as they returned to Parliament after the summer break.
Speaking on behalf of the editorial team, I would like to thank the reviewers of manuscripts and the Board and professional staff of CASP for their continuing support of the journal.
To interpret the results, the clinician phonetically transcribes what the child utters and evaluates how closely the child's attempts match the increasingly complex and speechlike vocalizations from CASP.
CASP researchers were able to locate the latter unpublished play text in a handwritten script that is being transcribed and uploaded to the site, giving it its first publication for an international audience.
The original CASP has been shown to have moderate to high levels of internal consistency, discriminate validity, and responsiveness when administered to populations of health care professionals (Taylor et al.
Clough and Aker Marine Contractors (AMC), an Aker Kvaerner subsidiary, announced the signing of a 50/50 partnership agreement for the formation of a new global subsea construction business to be called CASP (Clough--AMC Subsea Partnership).