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CASP3Critical Assessment in Structure Prediction (third experiment)
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The effects of capsaicin on the expression of BAX and CASP3 are shown in Figure 3B.
Another study showed that capsaicin stimulated apoptosis of Swiss albino mice via CASP3 induction (Anandakumar et al.
Subjects] was negligible for ACTB and CASP3 and was approximately 1 cycle for IL1B and IFNG.
With respect to the genes we have analyzed, the SD increases with normalization for IFNG in liver and for CASP3 in blood.
Several DNA repair genes, MSH2, RAD18, RAD51, RAD54, XRCC1, XRCC4, and XRCC5, and two apoptosis inducers, CASP3 and HCS, were also in this category.
Triptolide downregulated the cell cycle-related genes E2F2 E2F3, E2F5, CDKN2C, CDK7, CDC23, and SMAD3; the MAPK signaling pathway genes FOS, CASP3, JUND, KRAS, MAP2K2; and the Wnt signaling pathway genes WNT4, MYC, and AXIN2.
Thus, these results suggest that hesperidin could induce apoptosis in human colon cancer cells through CASP3 activation.