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CASPARCultural, Artistic and Scientific Knowledge for Preservation, Access and Retrieval (EU integrated project)
CASPARCambridge and Somerville Program for Alcoholism Rehabilitation
CASPARComputer-Aided Science Policy Analysis and Research (US NSF)
CASPARComputerized Affected Sibling Pair Analyzer and Reporter (medical software; various schools)
CASPARComputer-Assisted Software Project for Aural Skills Reinforcement (music)
CASPARClutter Assessment on System Performance in Airborne Radars
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In brief, Caspar s proposal is to automate the system in such a way that you will only need to establish one system of coordinates for each block.
Caspar has accused Facebook of mining private information of individuals and using them for its marketing purposes.
With the low prison literacy rate, you might assume Caspar is focusing on grammar but he believes the key to helping break the 70% prisoner re-offending rate lies elsewhere.
The hetero / homo binarism, moreover, requires that the homosexual be known but not openly discussed as such--a direct violation of the very "ethics" Caspar espouses.
Using mathematical arguments and evidence for icosahedral symmetry in X-ray analyses of various viruses, Caspar and Klug proposed that those viruses referred to as spherical viruses--because under microscopes look like balls--actually have icosahedral symmetry.
Previous recipients of the Ronald Reagan Missile Defense Award were former Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger in 2003 and retired Air Force Lt.
the company said it would trade its Internet Service Provider (ISP) business in Caspar, Wyo.
Readers will learn when Christmas was first celebrated as the birth of the Christ; how December 25th became the official date for Christmas; how the three "magi from the East" became the three kings known as Melchior, Caspar, and Balthasar riding on camels and coming from three different continents to worship the newborn in a manger; why medieval and Renaissance artists tended to portray Joseph as an old man; when Christmas music first made its appearance; the real St.
Caspar de Grammont,19, was bathing his seven-foot-long snake at his home in Tywyn when the creature's head got jammed in the bath handle.
He's enjoying life under Maine Road boss Kevin Keegan, but the emergence of his 16-year-old son Caspar - an acadamy player at City - as a future star goalkeeper has been the main factor in his thinking.
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