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CASPERCompiler Assisted Securing of Programs at Runtime
CASPERContinuous Activity Scheduling, Planning, Execution, and Replanning
CASPERContact Area Summary Position Report (US DoD)
CASPERComputer-Aided Scenario and Problem Evaluation Routine (software package for general morphological analysis)
CASPERCallaway Advanced Scalable Parallel Environment for Research
CASPERC-130 Airborne Sensor with Palletized Electronic Reconnaissance (US Coast Guard)
CASPERConsolidated Army System for Processing Entitlements to Army Reservists
CASPERContact Area Summary Position Estimate Report
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The Lifetime Achievement Award was a fitting conclusion to a long and productive career that has seen Casper sell Damen vessels to operators right around the coasts of the British Isles.
Prior to the promotion, Casper has served as the company's vice president of strategy, a position he has held since May 2011.
Earlier on Valentine's Day she posted a sexy black-andwhite photo on Twitter showing Casper planting a kiss on her head while she leaned against his tattooed shoulder.
So Jen figured it's easier to give Casper a weekly stipend, and she thought 10K dollars was a nice round number," the insider revealed.
To mark the occasion club captain David Thorpe will unveil a commemorative plaque with a life-size bust of Casper, who has been made lifetime honorary president of the club.
Casper went on to conduct years of research and write "Sarah Johnson's Mount Vernon," a book that offers a fascinating look at several generations of African-Americans connected with the historic site.
But as Padgett tells it, Casper is truly a Western town with a "live and let live" attitude even when it comes to politicians' private lives.
Casper succeeds James Rogula, who held the position on an interim basis and has now assumed the role of vice president of corporate development.
With star actors Rodney Dangerfield and Steve Guttenburg also in the cast, this film continues a legend which began when cinema audiences saw the very first Casper cartoon released by Paramount Studios - way back in 1945.
Things get complicated when Chris (Brendon Ryan Barrett), the developer's 10-year-old son, befriends Casper and joins his preservation-minded teacher (Lori Loughlin) in a campaign to save the haunted mansion.