CASPRCloud and Surface Parameter Retrieval (data retrevial and analysis)
CASPRCanadian Association of Staff Physician Recruiters (Ontario, Canada)
CASPRCommonly Accepted Security Practices and Recommendations
CASPRCenter for the Advanced Study of Photonics Research (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)
CASPRCentral Arkansas Society for Paranormal Research
CASPRCamarillo Society for Paranormal Research (California)
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For further detailed verification, we additionally detected the antigen expression of laminin (Figure 3(b)) and Caspr (Figure 3(c)).
(11-13) Altered localization of nodal proteins, including Na+ channels and paranodal proteins such as Caspr and NF155 were observed.
The axonal membrane protein Caspr, a homologue of neurexin IV, is a component of the septate-like paranodal junctions that assemble during myelination.
Source: CASPR Library Systems, Inc., Saratoga, CA, 800/852-2777;
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"We could have provided a simple crossreference mechanism that looked like authority control, but all the power of MARC authority would have been missing," said Norman Kline, president of CASPR, Inc.
CASPR Library Systems offers, a Web based library automation system.
They include Adobe, Broderbund, CASPR, Chancery, Davidson & Associates, Edmark, Great Wave, The Learning Co., McGraw-Hill School Systems, MECC, Optimum Resource, Roger Wagner Publishing, Tom Snyder, Videodiscovery and Voyager.
CASPR has announced the creation of iLibraries and LibraryWire, which represent a new approach to sharing library information over the Internet.
This process, known as spoofing, is easy to do, says Bob Johnston, CISSP, director of operations for CASPR (Commonly Accepted Security Practices and Recommendations), a group working to create a common body of knowledge in information security.
At the same time, thousands of CASPR's existing LibraryWorld customers will receive the same database with their spring software upgrade.
CASPR is a cross-platform system for Macintosh and Windows.