CASREPCasualty Report
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The CASREP is the Navy's Casualty Report that provides commanders the status of all mission-critical parts that are on backorder.
Moreover, 7th Fleet's supporting responsibility to the TYCOMs to reduce and avoid port costs provides broader opportunity to utilize 0&M,N in more vital funding priorities, such as steaming days, flight hour program, replenish COSAL stock deficiencies, CASREP material requirements, and/or Temporary Duty funding for training and readiness.
Regardless, both CASREP avoidance and quick resolution are imperative for our ships to be combat ready.
"If we receive a casualty report (CASREP) or a request for support, we look at our options and figure out the most effective way to solve the problem, and that can mean anything from getting training manuals to the crew to flying out repair parts to support the techs and engineers who can meet the ship abroad," said Craig Horton, Integrated Logistics Support Director for NAVSUP FLC San Diego.
Robert Gonzales said, "The CLO's visibility of the CLF inventory has brought us some big wins, including being able to source a large lube oil requirement from one T-AO that was crossdecked to a T-AKE to avoid a CASREP on one of our Amphibs."
While on deployment, S1 Division ordered and received More than 180 Casualty Report (CASREP) requisitions maintaining a cradle to grave average period of six days.
One section, which stands out in my memory, developed and maintained a Casualty Reporting (CASREP) system, which received CASREPs from fleet units and fed valuable casualty and equipment failure data into SPCC, the Maintenance Support Office, and BUSHIPS.
During the past five years, the supply related set of indicators for surface mine force readiness trended poorly in reduced mission operational availability, increased CASREP durations due to non-availability of parts, and over-reliance on part cannibalizations
Detailed planning for logistics heads for the transit into theater and back home was absolutely crucial to keeping RBA up, off-ships down, clearing casualty reports (CASREP), and getting mail out to the crew.
Casualty reporting (CASREP) requisitions exemplify this sort of Department Head level event that I now often handle.
To document the deficiency, Lake Champlain released a CASREP in November 2008 discussing the combat system degradation and identifying the required repair part components.
On the first day at sea, Malig wasted no time as he went to work with S-1/Stock Control personnel and conducted one-on-one training with the open purchase storekeeper, casualty report (CASREP) storekeeper, basic requisition file (BRF) storekeeper and Storekeeper 2nd Class Shane Weems, the functional area supervisor.