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(22) Doris, Lack of Character, 66; Cassam, "Vice Epistemology," 174.
In this paper the author singles out Quassim Cassam's work Self and World to see whether such a position is tenable.
(Cassam, 2016) Introspection is considered a special means of learning about one's own current ongoing, or perhaps very recent past, mental states or processes.
Cassam, Q., 2011, "Knowing What You Believe", Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, vol.
I do hope that Prof Cassam won't object to me saying that I don't believe that only one person shot President Kennedy or that anyone has ever landed on the moon and this isn't out of gullibility, closed-mindedness, prejudice or dogmatism but more about realism.
The practising certificates of Mr Cassam and Mr Lewis have been automatically suspended, so they cannot practise as a solicitor.
The practising certifi-cates of Mr Cassam and Mr Lewis have been automatically suspended, so they cannot practise.
Annette Cassam, of Rotherham and District Citizens Advice, says: "This case raises many questions about how Atos assesses people for fitness for work.
"So according to someone working here, the Emirates AirLine might have problems when its over 30 degree Celsius," ( tweeted passenger Cassam Looch .
Cassam Uteem, former President of Mauritius, and John Hardman, the Carter Centre president, gave, on Tuesday morning, a news conference on their mission's results.
Former Mauritius President Cassam Uteem said there were no reported cases of misconduct during Sunday's National Constituent Assembly elections.