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Accreditation standards in the United States recently mandated that social work students understand and be responsive to gender identity and gender expression as dimensions of diversity (CSWE, 2008); the current Canadian standards do not explicitly identify gender identity or gender expression (CASSW, 2007a, 2007b).
Paper presented to CASSW Educational Policy Committee, Ottawa, ON.
CASSW has conducted two reviews over the period, and we have made major curriculum changes.
This changed in 1997 when the School began preparing for reaccreditation by the Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work (CASSW) where there were new standards related to Aboriginal peoples concerning course content, access to university and recognition of different ways of learning.
As the Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work (CASSW) does not collect any data on faculty, there is no information available on the status of social work educators who are women or members of other equity groups, or both.
Further, CASSW's Women's Caucus officially endorsed the project at its annual meeting.
With reference to the accreditation requirements for the BSW programs in North America, all undergraduate students are required to complete a minimum standard hours (ranging from 400 to 700 hours) of field education for the BSW degree (CASSW, 2002; CSWE, 2002).