CASTCChina Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (Chinese space program)
CASTCCorresponding Angles of Similar Triangles Are Congruent
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CASTC researcher Chen Hongbo said that the spacecraft will "fly into the sky like an aircraft," Xinhua reported.
In June, CASTC vice director Liu Shiquan said that the space agency was developing its own "reusable earth-to-orbit space vehicles that can take off and land horizontally," ArsTechnica reported.
The machine is capable of printing optical lens brackets used in spaceborne equipment, complicated components used in nuclear power testing equipment, impellers used in aircraft research and specialshaped gears used in automobile engines, said Wang Lianfeng, a senior engineer with CASTC Shanghai's research arm.
The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC, or CASTC) was created in 1999 for the pursuit of national defense and aerospace endeavors; it spun off from the China Aerospace Corporation (CAC).
CASTC is often still referred to as CASC, recalling its predecessor organization, CAC/CASC.
The next day, when we met with the Chinese Association of Science and Technology Communication (CASTC), we discovered that many of the mostly middle-aged members of this group, who were educated during the Cultural Revolution, were not as fluent, and some spoke little English at all.
The stake, formerly held by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp., reportedly was transferred at the behest of the state-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, which is the controlling shareholder of both CEA and CASTC. CEA said it will integrate Great Wall with its China Cargo Airlines subsidiary as well as with Shanghai Airlines Cargo.