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Inc., Mankato, Minn.--This ductile iron casting features two mating hinges that feature sinusoidal ends.
The robot then sets the spraying tool back down, fetches the cool casting from the water spray and places it on the outgoing conveyor.
"We used the same basic design, but because it had been decades since it was last made, it was like starting with a new design," said Wolf Reimann, manager of design engineering at Atchison Steel Casting and Machining.
Influence Of Gas Fluxing With Argon-Hydrogen Mixture And Grain Refinement On Feeding Behavior Of AlSi7Mg In Gravity Sand Casting (06-033)
* This article details the improvements made to the lost foam casting process and the dimensional capabilities it offers.
Most magnesium castings currently are made using two processes: sand casting and diecasting-related technologies.
The process eliminates the need for a physical master model, and reduces tooling expense since only one mold half is made, and that is for low-pressure casting. Issues such as gating, runners, venting, and parting lines are avoided, and less moldmaking experience is required," says Thomas Himmer, researcher and project manager responsible for rapid tooling, rapid prototyping, and rapid manufacturing at Fraunhofer USA's Center for Coatings and Laser (CCL) Applications.
Most often, when this situation is investigated, the manufacturer of the casting will report that the problem was not the fault of the casting itself.
Less than 5% of Hollywood's film and television casting directors are African American.
That lagging work time and lack of flexibility generally add up to a casting bottleneck when solidified product reaches the finishing room.