CASTLCenter for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning (University of Virginia)
CASTLCenter for Advanced Study in Theoretical Linguistics (Norway)
CASTLCarnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
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Within the practice of orchestrating a classroom discussion, which they parsed based on a study of the teaching of CASTL teacher Yvonne Hutchinson, they refer to the "techniques" of using stock responses and anticipation guides as "tools" that novices can learn as ways to engage students in discussions.
Our first CASTL collaborators were teachers who already emphasized the creative arts in their teaching and could easily visualize how they might represent their work using multimedia.
The first group of multimedia representations of teaching (MRTs) authored by CASTL scholars went "live" in 2001.
1) CASTL provided fellowships to faculty in both K-12 and higher education who had been nominated for both their excellence in teaching and their involvement in efforts to study and document their practice.
2) In the Quest Project, Grossman, Schultz, Richert, and other teacher educators incorporated one or more of the CASTL Web sites into a course that they were teaching, and they documented the results in Web sites later made available in an online gallery: Inside Teaching.
The CASTL project consisted of several cohorts of K-12 faculty from around the country who were brought together for a period between 1 and 2 years to develop the scholarship of their teaching practice.
In the CASTL project, the community was formed around the exchange of the teachers' scholarship; evolved over I to 2 years, combining in-person assemblies with electronic asynchronous communication; and culminated in the publication of the fellows' work, variously online (in the Gallery of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, http://gallery.