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CASTORCern Advanced Storage
CASTORCask for Storage and Transport of Radioactive Material
CASTORCanadian Automatic Small Telescopes for Orbital Research (Royal Military College of Canada)
CASTORCorps Airborne Standoff Radar
CASTORConsolidated Adaptive Systems Technology and Optimization Research (Management Sciences Department; University of Iowa; Iowa City, IA)
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He never sent gifts for the sake of the neat-ankled maid, for he knew in his heart that golden-haired Menelaus would win, since he was greatest of the Achaeans in possessions and was ever sending messages (44) to horse-taming Castor and prize-winning Polydeuces.
31-33) horse-taming Castor and prize-winning Polydeuces, desiring to be the husband of rich-haired Helen, though he had never seen her beauty, but because he heard the report of others.
And there's the castors, sister Deane, I can't think but you'd like to have the castors, for I've heard you say they're pretty."
Tulliver had in her hands a small tray, on which she had placed her silver teapot, a specimen teacup and saucer, the castors, and sugar-tongs.
Mazarin thought that some one was going to assassinate him and he drew back, pushing his chair on the castors. D'Artagnan and Porthos moved so as to plant themselves between the person entering and the cardinal.
Moreover, ridge sowing method with 90 kg N ha-1 proved to be the effective technique for successful production of castor bean on salt affected soil.
El castor (Castor canadensis) fue introducido en Tierra del Fuego en 1946, con el objeto de aprovechar sus pieles (Lizarralde, 1993).
The castor varieties viz., DCS9, 48-1, JC-12 Bangalore local and hybrids viz., DCH177, GCH-4, DCH-519 and GAUCH-1.
Mars and Saturn are certainly brighter than Pollux and Castor this spring and August.
IAPL produces castor oil and castor oil derivatives, while JAOL makes castor oil-based chemicals and specialty chemicals.