CAT-SCANComputed Axial Tomography Scan
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Patient's symptoms got improved, ground-glass opacities on the right lung were remarkable attenuated, and both lung fields got clearer on CAT-scan at 1 month follow-up [Figure 1]b.
I think it's a CAT-scan slice of a nation dividing into two opposing camps, the process exacerbated by self-serving politicians and the flames fanned by an irresponsible media.
Examples of data well-suited for the NearStore R100 include 2D and 3D mechanical CAD drawings, integrated circuit design data, software modules and objects, CAT-scan and MRI images, historical financial information, telco billing records, and other business documents.
Later, a CAT-scan (computerized 3-dimensional photograph) showed that the rocks had different densities (space between rock particles), explains Martin' "That was the kicker!"