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CAT2Category 2 cable (EIA/TIA-586; supports data to 4 Mbps)
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Furthermore, there is a lack of knowledge about the contribution of Cat2 gene in overall reduction of Cd-induced oxidative stress and subsequent role in altering fruit nutritional value.
The variables capturing future publications are Prospective Articles, Prospective Pages Cat1, Prospective Pages Cat2, and Prospective Pages Cat3.
Em todos os tratamentos, o atraso da colheita proporcionou reducao no numero de frutos Cat1, Cat2 e Cat3, e um aumento no numero de frutos tipo Extra (Figura 1).
Among HSV Genitalis, 80% (28) of the cases were in cat-1 and only 20% (7) in cat2.Our study is comparable to Shobhana, Guha, and Neogi (2004) which shows (8%) with mean CD4+ Count of 187cell/[mm.sup.3] against 211.5 of our study, but Nair SP, Moorty KP, Suprakasan S (2003) reports very low prevalence (2.74%).
Plantas transgenicas de tabaco expresando genes con orientacion antisentido de dos familias de catalasa que se unen a acido salicilico (CAT1 y CAT2) mostraron el desarrollo de HR, induccion de genes PR de la familia PR-1 y el aumento de la resistencia al virus del mosaico del tabaco (Chamnongpol et al., 1998).
In Figure 1 there are separate wage distributions for two occupation categories, Cat1 and Cat2, where Cat1 corresponds to high school (HS = 1) and Cat2 corresponds to college (Col = 1).
The accompanying [H.sub.2][O.sub.2] produced in peroxisomes by glycolate oxidase is neutralized by the peroxisomal enzyme catalase (CAT2).
It operates effectively over CAT2 through CAT5 cable, and each port provides immunity of 60 dB or greater to transient noise and interference, so signals and power can run in adjacent pairs of the same cable.