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CATACanadian Advanced Technology Alliance
CATACapital Area Transportation Authority (Lansing, Michigan)
CATACable Telecommunications Association
CATACanadian Athletic Therapists Association
CATACentre Area Transportation Authority (State College, Pennsylvania)
CATACalifornia Athletic Trainers' Association
CATACanadian Advanced Technology Association
CATAChicago Automobile Trade Association
CATACentral Arkansas Transit Authority
CATAConsumers Against Toxic Apparel
CATACape Amalgamated Taxi Association (South Africa)
CATAComité de Apoyo a Los Trabajadores Agrícolas (Spanish, Farmworker Support Committee)
CATACivil Affairs Team A (US Army)
CATACommonwealth Association of Tax Administrators (United Kingdom)
CATACapital Area Transit Authority (Harrisburg, PA)
CATACape Ann Transportation Authority (Massachusetts)
CATACanadian Art Therapy Association
CATACrawford Area Transportation Authority (Meadville, Pennsylvania)
CATACapital Area Tennis Association (Texas)
CATACombined Arms Training Activity
CATACatalyse et de Chimie des Matériaux Divisés
CATACommunity Antenna Television Association
CATAConnecticut Art Therapy Association
CATACapital Area Technology Association (New York)
CATACape African Teachers' Association
CATACleveland Automotive Trade Association
CATACommunication and Theater Arts (academic program)
CATAControl Automation and Task Allocation (USAF/Boeing)
CATADown; reverse; backward; degenerative (Prefix)
CATACorrelation Algorithm & Techniques Analysis
CATACombined Arms Test Activity
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Some medical staff, on the other hand, stated that CATA meets "when there was a very important decision.
Rens says it hit home for CATA that the world was changing when a Montreal Port Authority representative spoke at a biometrics conference of new, U.
Getting a group of Mexican farm workers to march in front of one of the biggest mushroom companies was a big deal," says Joe DiStefano, a former CATA organizer.
The LAW Illinois F&I Library of documents was created and will be maintained by the combined expertise of Reynolds Director of Compliance Terry O'Loughlin, Reynolds' AFIP certified compliance legal specialists, and the CATA.
The CATA has prepared a list of important tips that people of all ages can follow to enjoy physical activity and also reduce the risk of exertional heat illness during the hot months of summer.
Commuters frustrated with the higher cost of operating a vehicle now have more options as CATA has eliminated a Dixon Road route and combined some others.
CATA provides four Be A Tourist public bus routes that reach the majority of the attractions.
Three trolleys will run roughly every 10 to 15 minutes past each stop, but that could decrease to about 5 to 6 minutes, if CATA goes ahead with plans to buy two more trolleys this summer.
CATA has received all but about $2 million of the money needed to build the system.
Site Debate Between Downtown Group, CATA Placed on Back Burner