CATARCChina Automotive Technology & Research Center
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TMC will select drivers to evaluate the vehicle during use for commuting and other daily purposes, while CATARC and TMC will measure fuel efficiency, charging times, electric-vehicle driving range, etc.
The second was signed by TARC and CATARC to expand exchanges relating to market information, regulations, and testing/certification techniques.
Through collaboration with such Chinese organizations as CATARC, Renesas will contribute to the development of the Chinese automobile industry by making use of the company's accumulated experience and know-how.
CATARC is also making use of MTS rolling resistance test technologies and the company's material testing systems.
Thanks to the MTS ground vehicle testing systems, the new CATARC capabilities can address issues such as vehicle aerodynamics, durability and performance, and advanced testing simulation.
Closer alignment between MTS and CATARC will be of great benefit to both parties, combining the advanced technology of MTS in ground vehicle test with CATARC's eminent position at the forefront of automotive development in China.
CATARC continues to make major investments in cutting-edge technology in order to meet our commitment to drive the Chinese automotive sector forward," stated Zhao Hang, President of CATARC.
CATARC assists the government in activities such as formulating automobile technology-related regulations and standards and enforcing them.
At the same time, it also supports the mission of CATARC.
CATARC, based in Tianjin, is a state-owned technical and administrative entity of the Chinese automotive industry.
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CATARC, as well as a number of universities and companies, use Argonne's award winning software, Powertrain System Analysis Toolkit (PSAT) and Greenhouse gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy use in Transportation (GREET) models for evaluation of China's existing vehicles, understanding the interrelationships among performance, fuel economy and emissions and for the design of new, advanced-technology vehicles.