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CATCALLCompletely Automated Technique for Cataloguing and Acquisition of Literature for Libraries
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Davao: A female TV reporter had the shock of her life when the Philippines' president-elect Rodrigo Duterte catcalled her after she raised a question from among the media team assembled at a nationally-televised press conference.
The SP chief believes women are only meant for catcalls," said Moiz Fatima, a Congress worker.
Over 10 percent of girls are catcalled before they're 11, and over 15% are sexually harassed in school.
From inappropriate looks and touches to being catcalled, where women are not safe anywhere, public transport is the least safe of all.
Until then, Wenger deserves to go out a hero for what he has given Arsenal over two decades - not with catcalls and abuse raining down upon him for overstaying his welcome, which is what will happen.
In a report by Manila's ABS-CBN News, Gutierrez claimed that the 'old men' had catcalled the group, made lewd gestures and snapped photographs of her daughters Lorin Gabriella, 15, and Venice Bektas, 14, in an incident that left them feeling uncomfortable and reduced them to tears.
"Our strategy is simply to be visible in public spaces," said Meher Bano of Girls at Dhabas, a feminist group which organised the races after a woman from Lahore was pushed off her bicycle by a group of men last year for not responding to catcalls. The bike race was one of many events organised in the last few years by Girls at Dhabas - the name given to roadside restaurants in Pakistan - to promote female participation in public events, fight restrictions faced by women in public places and increase awareness.
A LIVERPOOL woman is fighting back against leering catcalls with a TV campaign to tackle street harassment.
But a couple of months ago, a group working to prevent street harassment filmed a young woman experiencing a constant stream of catcalls, whistles, and jeers as she walked around New York City.
(I'm a member of the JBPS, the Jewish Beak Preservation Society.) It was my unc, I'm proud to say, who hooked most of the TV-watching world on Charlie and who got us to realize that when a gorgeous blonde walks by with the name Charlie you'd best keep your catcalls to yourself.
Dirty Dancing is a stage musical performance and unless the cast requested joining in or catcalls and whistles it would be respectful to the cast as well as the other theatre goers if these and other rowdy behaviour were withheld.
So much for the Southern Pacific and our morning catcalls.