CATCCCarrier Air Traffic Control Center
CATCCCentre Avançat de Teràpia Cognitiu-Conductual (Catalan: Advanced Centre of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy; Barcelona, Spain)
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Sailors like Chapman and the rest of CATCC are on watch to make sure they do.
602 I show you on and on, three-quarter mile, call the ball," CATCC said on Button 15.
Our most critical challenge was to filter the information sent our way, managing the requests for information coming from the CATCC rep, approach control and the tanker.
Once clear of the tanker, we got the squadron CATCC rep and the ship involved.
CATCC recognized my predicament and graciously gave me vectors.
We leveled at 16,000 feet, returned overhead the ship for troubleshooting, and contacted our representative in CATCC.
As CATCC handed off the first aircraft to paddles, I heard, "601, slightly left of course, above glide slope, call the ball," to which the rightseater in the Hawkeye replied "clara.
His CO is getting the hairy eyeball from CAG in CATCC while the other COs, XOs, and CATCC reps breathe a sigh of relief that it was not one of their pilots that just caused the carrier and its 5,000 plus people to steam into the wind for longer than expected.
I asked him to coordinate with the CATCC representative to let them know our situation.
The entire situation also was completely avoidable, from the decision to rig MOVLAS, to the CATCC rep checking on tankers and winds aloft, to the man in the cockpit "backing up the bingo numbers.
All these things increased my level of situational awareness, not to mention a very helpful wingman and CATCC representative at the ship ready to help.