CATCCCarrier Air Traffic Control Center
CATCCCentre Avançat de Teràpia Cognitiu-Conductual (Catalan: Advanced Centre of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy; Barcelona, Spain)
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"The CATCC simulator is like a giant video game," Heale said.
He should have had CATCC pull the jet off the approach, fix his lights, and try again.
We quickly confirmed the first several steps that I had already taken and, with agreement from the CATCC rep, I ensured my airspeed was below the critical limit of 190 KCAS, flipped open the red switch guard and set the GAIN switch to ORIDE.
From his station in the Final Control section of CATCC, he guides their final approach to Truman, letting them know if their elevation is too high or low, or if they are off course as they approach the flight deck.
I was sure that all of the big wigs in CATCC were discussing what to do with me.
Tamez is assigned to the ship's Carrier Air Traffic Control Center (CATCC), which controls the flow of air traffic around Stennis.
The CATCC team was the same I had worked with for the past eight months, through workups and cruise so far, and I had a great working relationship with them.
He handled the E-2 with precision as we were being vectored by CATCC to final.
We also asked to talk to our CATCC (carrier air traffic control center) representative, so we could deliver the bad news.
I continued speaking to DCAG and the squadron CATCC representative.
ECMO 1 read through the initial wing-transfer procedures in the pocket checklist (PCL), as I rogered CATCC's vector to downwind.
CATCC did a great job of providing immediate vectors to effect the negative TACAN, CV-1 approach.