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CATCHCoordinated Approach to Child Health (school health program)
CATCHCommunity Access to Child Health (American Academy of Pediatrics program)
CATCHComprehensive Assessment for Tracking Community Health
CATCHComputer Aided Tracking and Characterization of Homicides (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
CATCHCompiler-Assisted Techniques for Checkpointing
CATCHCritically Attained Threshold of Cerebral Hypoperfusion
CATCHCore Assessment Tool on Child Health
CATCHComputer and Technology High-Tech Response Team (Investigative unit in San Diego, CA)
CATCHComputer-Assisted Terminal Criminal Hunt
CATCHCountering Attack Helicopter
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Sea Catch had just finished his forty-fifth fight one spring when Matkah, his soft, sleek, gentle-eyed wife, came up out of the sea, and he caught her by the scruff of the neck and dumped her down on his reservation, saying gruffly: "Late as usual.
It was not the fashion for Sea Catch to eat anything during the four months he stayed on the beaches, and so his temper was generally bad.
"I should think I had," said Sea Catch. "Look at me!"
He was confident that we should surely catch Demetrios, and I shared his confidence.
But it was a vain undertaking for us to attempt to catch him.
"So far, so good," Charley commented, while I paused to catch breath.
(8) The lice which they caught in their clothes they left behind, but carried home in their clothes those which they could not catch.
"Oh yes, I catch a mess now and then when I am lying by; good perch I catch.
As I was leaving the Irishman's roof after the rain, bending my steps again to the pond, my haste to catch pickerel, wading in retired meadows, in sloughs and bog-holes, in forlorn and savage places, appeared for an instant trivial to me who had been sent to school and college; but as I ran down the hill toward the reddening west, with the rainbow over my shoulder, and some faint tinkling sounds borne to my ear through the cleansed air, from I know not what quarter, my Good Genius seemed to say -- Go fish and hunt far and wide day by day -- farther and wider -- and rest thee by many brooks and hearth-sides without misgiving.
-- I trust he does not read this, unless he will improve by it -- thinking to live by some derivative old-country mode in this primitive new country -- to catch perch with shiners.
But the King's men, who were still following, had heard the noise of the monkeys cheering; and they at last knew where the Doctor was, and hastened on to catch him.
Then the Doctor tripped over his medicine- bag and fell down in the mud, and the Captain thought he would surely catch him this time.