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CATDCenter for Advanced Technology Development (Iowa State University)
CATDComputer-Assisted Trial Design (software)
CATDConfederación Auténtica de Trabajadores Democráticos (Authentic Confederation of Democratic Workers, Costa Rica)
CATDCommittee Against Tipaimukh Dam (India)
CATDCorrective Action Tracking Document
CATDCombat Aviation Test Division
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Sponsor/Administrator Capabilities: Fitch's rating analysis also reflects CATD's administrative capabilities.
One of the groups includes Agriculture (A), Water Body (CH), Riparian Vegetation (VR) and Exposed Soil (SE); the other one, more discreet, consists of Pasture (P), Open Shrub Savanna (CAtA) and Dense Shrub Savanna (CAtD), even though the latter is a little distant in the group; and Urban Area (AU) is isolated from the other groups.
The discovery of CatD's elevated levels in muscular dystrophy and arthritis underscored its pathological significance [7,8].
Moreover, the different parameters and ionic current formulations lead to distinct AP morphologies and properties, for example, AP duration (APD), and CaT duration (CaTD).
Presentation made at the Asian Development Bank Renewable Energy and Efficiency Workshop, CATD, Nadave, Fiji, 20-24 February 2006.
Because CATD was a prospective franchisor rather than a prospective employer, the statements by Darvish "[did] not fall within the letter of this statutory protection." (275) The court noted, however, that the reference immunity statute "did not abrogate the common law." (276) Consequently, the court held that the common law privilege protected Darvish's statements and remanded the case for consideration of whether Gohari could prove that Darvish had abused the qualified privilege.
Once the experimenter lodged the target details with CatD, CatD e-mailed the participant's responses to the experimenter so that the correct target could be determined.
A report in Annals of Neurology (2000;47:399-403) points to the intracellular acid protease cathepsin D (catD) as an important risk factor for Alzheimer's disease.
In a memorandum dated January 4, 1994, to "Director, CATD," Captain Johnson of the Nuclear Biological and Chemical Branch of the Army wrote to his superiors: "Recent headlines have aroused considerable interest in the possible exposure of coalition forces to Iraqi chemical agents.
Jude's product segments into two new operating units: the Implantable Electronic Systems Division (IESD), comprising the former Cardiac Rhythm Management and former Neuromodulation units; and the Cardiovascular and Ablation Technologies Division (CATD), constituting the former Atrial Fibrillation and former Cardiovascular segments.
Over the next several months, Fain will lead the integration of IESD and the Cardiovascular and Ablation Technologies Division (CATD) into one cohesive St.