CATEACenter for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access (Atlanta, GA)
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CATEA encourages the sharing and copying of the fact sheets from their web site for further dissemination to those who are creating accessible distance education programs, courses, and assignments.
CATEA is working to remove the obstacles that have been denying students access to education.
Each training set of the training data subset CateA is marked as -1, and each training set of the training data subset CateB is marked as +1; then apply training data subsets of two types of CateA and CateB to construct a second-class classifier of support vector machines.
Training data subset of CateA and training data subset of CateB repeat Steps 1-3, coming into the next training process.
Under News & Features, click on "CATEA looking for volunteers." Scroll down to Project 3 and click on link.
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