CATEXCategorical Exclusion
CATEXCatastrophic Exercise (various organizations)
CATEXCrisis Action Team Exercise (US Army)
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NEPA must fall into one of the three categories: EIS, EA, or CATEX.
completing an EA, an EIS, or documented reliance on a CATEX.
Al Blanton, President of Acordia RE, commented, "The CATEX Pivot Point system will provide Acordia RE with state-of-the-art capabilities necessary to meet the servicing and reporting expectations of all reinsurance buyers in today's competitive business environment.
Frank Fortunato, CEO of CATEX noted, "We look forward to deploying the Pivot Point technology and to working with the Acordia RE team as they continue to grow and expand their business.
arguably offers an additional safeguard against CATEX abuse.
argument has been raised that agencies manipulate CATEXs to evade
CATEX has customized both operations to deploy Spanish, Portuguese and English as needed throughout the respective systems to meet the needs of local users.
Frank Fortunato, CATEX CEO, noted : Mexbrit/Forte is an ideal candidate for our Pivot Point Systems.
Our unique capability to simplify the complex process of bringing buyers and sellers together online is vital to helping digital marketplaces such as CATEX build liquidity faster than ever thought possible.
Using its XML-based technologies and an in-house design team, Tradeum worked closely with CATEX to completely redesign, implement and host the CATEX 2000 exchange within a twelve-week period.
CATEX will use Tradeum's solution to power its global reinsurance trading market, catering to the $180 billion per year business-to-business reinsurance market.
CATEX subscribers -- which include insurers, reinsurers and brokers, self-insured companies -- can electronically post risks they wish to exchange, as well as view risks posted by other subscribing companies.