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CATIAComputer-Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application
CATIACentral Australian Tourism Industry Association
CATIAComputer-Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Analysis
CATIAClean Air and Transportation Improvement Act of 1990 (California)
CATIACatalysing Access to ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in Africa (Gamos; UK)
CATIAComputer-Assisted Total Intravenous Anaesthesia
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Design in Context, Decide in Context--ENOVIA VPM Navigator provides unprecedented data management capabilities from within the familiar environment of CATIA, allowing engineers to manage their designs in the context of the overall product, collaborate in a dynamic design environment, avoid errors, and speed development cycles.
IBM Product Lifecycle Management's (PLM) CATIA software, developed by Dassault Systemes, is the world's leading product development solution.
Dassault Systemes (NASDAQ:DASTY)(Paris:DSY), a world leader in 3D and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, announces the availability of ABAQUS for CATIA V5 Version 2.
It also lends insight to center of gravity, inertia moment and product, and works with CATIA V5, V4 and ENOVIA VPLM.
By deploying CATIA and ENOVIA, ITER is able to manage the complete project within a single PLM platform, including Mechanical and Plant Design disciplines," says Bruno Latchague, executive vice president development and support, Industry Solutions, Dassault Syst[c]mes.
Dassault Systemes has implemented over 3,000 CATIA V5 licenses with more than 15 leading Chinese aviation companies, who are using the solution for their 3D virtual design needs, making it the undisputed standard for Chinese aircraft development.
With CATIA PLM Express, we are taking our first steps with PLM.
The integration of Cg shaders into CATIA allows realistic interactive reviews.
CATIA V5R17 boosts innovation for product excellence - CATIA V5R17 extends end-to-end industry process coverage through major enhancements in 3D electrical harness flattening, and the increased efficiency of CATIA Machining NC programming and simulation.
CATIA V5's ability to quickly adapt a design for other vehicles on the same platform is critical to making gains in an overall corporate product development process, and is directly contributing to Ford's goal of reducing product development costs and increasing product quality.
3 of ABAQUS for CATIA V5 takes advantage of the latest technology advances in ABAQUS Version 6.
The new release, available on July 21, 2006 includes eighteen V5R16 new or enhanced BPCs built on the industry-leading PLM solutions CATIA, ENOVIA VPLM and ENOVIA SmarTeam.