CATIKConventional/Air Launch Cruise Missile Test Instrumentation Kit
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A number of studies have empirically tested and confirmed the existence of Phillips curve, notably Smyth (1971), Mogdiliani and Tarantelli (1973), Sutton (1981), Quandt and Rosen (1986), Wasserfallen (1998), and Catik, Martin, and Onder (2010).
For example, Catik, Martin, and Onder (2010), using relative price variability as an explanatory variable, find no long-run relationship between inflation and unemployment for the Turkish economy.
ANN approach can be used to forecast inflation rate (Catik, Karacuka 2012), estimating credit risk (Boguslauskas, Mileris 2009), evaluating foreign direct investment (Plikynas, Akbar 2005), etc.
When the shares of domestic and foreign affiliated firms are compared, except for 1998 domestic firms allocated more resources on R&D during the period subject to analysis (Karacuka, Catik 2011).
Nazif CATIK is an Assistant Professor at Ege University, Turkey, with PhD.