CATKCounter Attack
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For all stations except the VAN1, OZAL, BASK, CATK, MURA, and AGRD stations, the post-seismic and pre-seismic velocities were almost the same.
A researcher Dieter Bromme said that the development of osteoporosis drugs by pharmaceutical companies has focused heavily on blocking CatK in recent years.
We've found a way to block CatK only in bone tissue that we think will prevent these other negative effects," Bromme added.
"CatK is a multifunctional enzyme with important roles in other parts of the body and we think completely blocking it is what causes unexpected side effects in other drugs," said Preety Panwar, a research associate in the Bromme lab.
Step 5: Randomly pick the point to move to from the candidate points, and replace the position of catk.
Step 3: Update the position of catk according to equation (4).
where, W is the inertia weight, [] is the position of the cat, who has the best fitness value; [] is the position of catk, C is a constant and r is a random value in the range of [0, 1].