CATMEComprehensive Assessment of Team-Member Effectiveness (peer and self evaluation)
CATMECenter for Applications and Technology in Mathematics Education (University of Colorado; Boulder, CO)
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For this, the CATME instrument was progressively shortened from an initial 87 questions to 32, and then finally to a 5-item behaviourally anchored (BARS) instrument (Ohland and Loughry 2006).
However, once poor CoVi has been established and intervention has failed, a direct peer assessment tool may be required to adjust grades, formulated upon existing tools, such as CATME or Mumford's team roles.
The student teams were formed using the CATME team maker, which uses gender, ethnic background, and grade-point average (GPA) for maximizing diversity within each student group.
(14) Information about the CATME Smarter Teamwork System is available at
The primary CATME instrument is a behaviorally anchored rating scale, which describes behaviors that are typical of various levels of performance in each of the five categories.
The CATME tool was developed by a team lead by Matthew W.
In fact, this project was successful due in large part to the ability to customize software such as the Library of Congress' Classification Plus, Classification Web, and Cataloger's Desktop, as well as CatME. CatME is Windows-based software that provides a GUI-based interface to the OCLC system.
Users upgrading from the DOS-based product to CatME for Windows will be able to combine online and off-line cataloging with interactive and batch access within a single interface.
A drawback to CATME (and other teamwork instruments in general) is that it is time consuming to administer.
Using CATME Team-Maker to Form Student Groups in a Large Introductory Course.
We used the CATME tool to conduct this self- and peer-evaluation.