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CATNIPCommon Architecture for Next Generation Internet Protocol
CATNIPCataloguing Network in Pietermaritzburg (South Africa)
CATNIPConsolidated Architecture/Total Network Integration Plan
CATNIPCheapest Available Technology Not Inviting Prosecution
CATNIPCivilian Automated Training Input Program
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Of the cats that didn't respond to catnip, 75 percent responded to silver vine and 33 percent to Tatarian honeysuckle.
French marigold and catnip volatile compounds were collected in oven bags (355 x 508 mm; Reynolds, USA) using a dynamic headspace sampling method (Raguso & Pellmyr 1998; Oruna-Concha et al.
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Catnip oil is also a good larvicide," meaning it can be used for reducing stable fly larval development, he adds.
When police searched his villa, they found these pharmaceutical drugs as well as a bag of catnip.
A subject on which everyone has an opinion and acts as the indus- try equivalent of catnip.
to come out of this country since the Stones, Bobby Gillespie and the boys are pure catnip to all those 30-something fans of six-string southern gospel.
Once the catnip begins to grow, you can plant it in your garden or patio pots.
Seed pack of organic catnip from Botanical Interests ($1,89 per pack; botanical interests.
Your cat will pounce on the Fish for Cat, a little toy stuffed with organic catnip and jingling bells.
The supersize showmanship that makes Las Vegas catnip to queers is alive and well throughout the hotel's 22 oceanfront acres, which include 11 restaurants and lounges, a gym with floor-to-ceiling Atlantic views, two large pools, and a 40,000-square-foot spa.