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CATOBARCatapult Assisted Take Off But Arrested Recovery
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China may also pursue this course, but again only as a supplement to STOBAR, and possibly CATOBAR.
He acknowledges that ski-jump carriers cannot launch aircraft that are as heavy, carrying as much fuel or weaponry, or do so at the same high rates as can a CATOBAR ship.
1995-96 Having built Thailand's Chakri Naruebet, Spain's Empresa Nacional Bazan reportedly attempts to market its SAC-200 and -220 light CATOBAR designs, but apparently Beijing prefers design plans to a prebuilt carrier; no deal is reached.
China's naval analysts have identified several benefits of a STOBAR design over a CATOBAR design.
In comparison, the CATOBAR design, which is mostly associated with large carriers, minimizes aircraft fuel consumption on takeoff, thus enabling better payload, range, loitering time, and strike capability.