CATPCreative Arts Therapy Program (various organizations)
CATPChiffre D’Affaires Tous Produits (French: Product Turnover)
CATPCaffeine Access Transport Protocol (internet)
CATPCarrefour Anjou Touraine Poitou (French subterranean heritage association)
CATPCampaign against Tube Privatisation (UK)
CATPCrédit Agricole Touraine Poitou (regional bank; Poitiers, France)
CATPCoverage Acceptance Test Plan
CATPCambridge Technologies (stock symbol)
CATPCommittee of Adaptation to Technical Process
CATPCatchment Area Treatment Plan (Council of Forestry; India)
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Across cultural forms, and in a range of media, fictional historical accounts are consumed and enjoyed as entertainment, as was found in the CATP (Conrad et al., 2013) survey results, where one in three respondents have read historical fiction in the past year.
80), with variations between geographic and cultural contexts, as was found in the CATP (Conrad et al., 2013) research results.
Implement the other reforms being considered to increase permeability between education tracks: introduce a module corresponding to the first two years of secondary school during which the academic and advanced vocational programmes would develop in parallel; and offer exams that would enable students having gained a CATP (Certificat d'Aptitude Technique et Professionnelle) at the end of vocational secondary education to do extra exams to gain a diploma and hence, access to tertiary education.
Finally, the branch in middle- to upper-secondary school in which students acquire vocational qualifications through dual (study-work) arrangements (regime professionel) lasts three years and leads to either the vocational skills certificate (Certificate d'Aptitude Technique et Professionnelle, CATP) or the manual skills certificate (Certificat de Capacite Manuelle, CCM).
To evaluate the presence of meningococcal chloramphenicol-resistant isolates in Africa, we assessed the frequency of the catP gene in 33 N.
The catP gene has been found on various bacterial chromosomes and conjugative plasmids as part of the transposable element Tn4451.
An RCAF friend did so well on his early training that he was retained in Canada as an instructor under the CATP. He holds a CVSM and War Medal only despite the fact that fact that some of the perils lie experienced at the hands of his students probably equalled those he might have encountered abroad.
Companies mentioned include AFA, AUD, BSYS, CATP, CDO, CSC, DST, EDS, FDC, FISV, GLC, INSS, NDC, PAYX, SDS, UIS.