CATRCompact Antenna Test Range
CATRChina Academy of Telecommunication Research
CATRCentre for Applied Theatre Research (University of Manchester; UK)
CATRComputer Assisted Text Reading (online lexical, grammatical and linguistic information)
CATRCouncil for Asian Terrorism Research
CATRCapital Area Treatment Rating (children's therapy; Harrisburg, PA)
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Figure 4 shows the effect of CATR on the mixing of bMWD'/ LE polymers with a Mooney viscosity of 70.
The size of the range that is required can be much less than the size required for a full-size far-field anechoic chamber, although the cost of fabrication of the specially-designed CATR reflector can be expensive, due to the need to ensure precision of the reflecting surface and to specially treat the edge of the reflector to avoid diffracted waves which can interfere with the desired beam pattern.
CATR is excited to be working with the HomePlug Alliance to ensure HomePlug products meet the requirements of the CQC certification, said Songdong LV, (Deputy Director of Short Range Communication Department), of CATR of MIIT.
The size of the synthesized plane wave is larger than that of the plane wave in the CATR, and in the quiet zone of CATR the quality of synthesized plane wave is better than that of the plane wave in the CATR.
CATR participates in the development of standards for OTA testing of Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) antenna schemes in mobile devices, both locally and globally.
A nonprofit, public legal body under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, CATR (TMC) has a broad set of responsibilities in setting national public metrology standards and telecommunication standards.
Research into Canadian theatre became one stream of research into theatre in Canada-however-defined (or, reverting to nineteenth century formulation, "the Canadas"), and ACTR in course renegotiated its mandate to become CATR.
The Spirent SR5500 and VR5 are ideally suited to this type of investigative work, since their unique real-time engine enables CATR to immediately see the impact of changes made to the RF environment on MIMO device performance.
Her recent book Performing Autobiography: Contemporary Canadian Drama (UTP 2013) received the Ann Saddlemeyer Prize from CATR.
In her keynote at the 2013 meeting of CATR in Victoria, Julianna Saxton, a pioneering practitioner and scholar in the field of drama-in-education, argued that in a cultural context in which "the arts are running on thinning oxygen," Applied practices may be as important as ever, and I would agree.
How state/regional SO2 and NOx markets will evolve under EPA's new CATR.
At that time, it was quite rare to see an entire CATR panel of papers on pre-twentieth century material.