CATRCompact Antenna Test Range
CATRChina Academy of Telecommunication Research
CATRCentre for Applied Theatre Research (University of Manchester; UK)
CATRComputer Assisted Text Reading (online lexical, grammatical and linguistic information)
CATRCouncil for Asian Terrorism Research
CATRCapital Area Treatment Rating (children's therapy; Harrisburg, PA)
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Mixing semicrystalline grades has an additional complexity component from the remaining crystallinity above room temperature (CATR).
The both WR4 and WR3 feeds after machining are directly measured by the tri-reflectors CATR in the BUPT [30, 39, 40].
In this work, reflectarray antennas are proposed as potential candidates as probes for CATR systems.
A compact antenna test range (CATR) is a facility used to provide convenient testing of antenna systems at frequencies where obtaining far-field spacing to the antenna under test (AUT) would not be feasible using traditional free-space methods.
(6) See also Peter Dickinson's "PuShing Performance Brands in Vancouver," which explores the same questions but in regards to Vancouver's PuSh Festival; Dickinson's paper emerged from the same 2012 CATR seminar.
He is a senior engineer and the deputy director of Department of Information Security, Telecommunication Terminal Technology Labs, China Academy of Telecom Research (CATR).
\"The two men in the car left the kidnapped in the catr and opened fire on the cops,\" he stated.
The HomePlug Alliance along with the China Academy of Telecommunication Research (CATR) of MIIT have unveiled that HomePlug products from new HomePlug member company, Fujian JinQianMao, have passed the required testing to meet the CQC Certification.
The other projects are development of Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR), Satellite bus development facility (PhaseI), development of a Satellite Assembly Integration and Test (SAINT) and Altitude and Orbital Control System (AOCS) Center.
One is the compact antenna test range (CATR) [3] in which the far-field pattern is measured directly without the requirement of computational manipulation.
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