CATWOECustomer, Actors, Transformation Process, Weltanshauung, Owner/s Environmental Constraints (risk management; mnemonic of characteristics used in Soft Systems Methodology)
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La produccion de la imagen enriquecida y su CATWOE derivado permiten delinear la situacion actual del manejo de la informacion, incluyendo los problemas y las actividades relacionadas, seguido de la definicion del SGI proponiendo su objetivo y alcance (llamado definicion raiz).
CATWOE could be used as a building block for the scholar to derive the root definition.
Checkland's CATWOE model has been more extensively used to environmental problems and concerns have here been raised regarding its corporate focus on 'clients' and a lacking appreciation of the complexity of the social dilemmas embedded in conflicts between individual and collective interests (Roling and Wagemakers, 1998).
As a guide to the construction of root definitions, Checkland (1981) provides the CATWOE elements by which he means that a complete root definition should identify the Customers (C), the Actors (A), the Transformation (T), Weltanshauung ("world view") (W), the Owners (O) and the Environment (E).
The CATWOE mnemonic can be used as a checklist to ensure that the root definition is complete.
While Zachman's framework is robust in functionality and process, and identifies separate categories for the how and when issues when compared to Checkland's CATWOE, the latter has a greater emphasis on people issues.
The concept of CATWOE (C: customer, A: actor, T: transformation, W: weltanshauung, O: owner, E: environment) is also useful to figure out necessary transformation and activities.
For that reason, facilitators often draw in those people identified in Checkland's (1991) CATWOE acronym (Customers, Actors, Transformation process, Worldview, Owner and Environmental constraints).
For the root definition there are relevant elements to be defined using the acronym CATWOE (Checkland and Scholes, 1990).