CAUDCongenital Anterior Urethral Diverticulum
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The venue for this year's Caud Marra, which has been translated as "cold and utterly daft friends", was Hawkhirst campsite at Kielder.
LJ = anterior tip of the lower jaw, EYE = posterior-ventral edge of the eye orbit, SNOUT = dorsal surface anterior to the eyes, OPER = operculum, CHK = radiating cheek bars., NAPE = nape pigment, DORS = dorsal body surface, VENT = ventral body surface, MID = along the lateral midline, HYP = hypural region, DFIN = spinous dorsal fin, PEC = blade of the pectoral fin, CAUD = caudal body bar; ANT = anterior body bar, MIDB = midbody bar, CANAL = clear area dorsal to anal fin, MAX = pigment on the side of the maxilla, UND = pigment under lower jaw.
All good ffellowship, caud feasting, is turned to a Dish of Bibles.
The spermatozoa were classified as follows: normal (SN), major defects (DMA), minor defects (DME), degenerated head (CABD), degenerated tail (CADE), fractured (CAUF) or curled (CAUE) tail, macrocephaly (MAE), microcephaly (MIE), normal isolated head (CIN), proximal drop (GP) or distal (GD) head, and folded tail (CAUD).
Caud Marra, which means Cold And Utterly Daft Friends, is a winter activities camp that used to take place at Gosforth Park in Newcastle.
Direction of spread was cauded. Sitting position was maintained for 5 minutes after which lithotomy position made5.
Prolapse of vagina usually involve prolapse of lateral walls and a portion of roof of vagina through vulva with cervix and uterus moving cauded. Cervico-vagino prolapse is seen in all species of domestic animals but most commonly in cows, especially Herefords and ewes (Roberts, 1971).