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CAUDACentre d'Accueil d'Urgence des Demandeurs d'Asile (French: Emergency Reception Center for Asylum Seekers)
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Metastases to the cauda equina region that are bulbous in shape and simulate nerve sheath tumors on neuroimaging studies are uncommon from any type of primary tumor, (28) but the primary tumor type for this metastasis in patient 30 was to our knowledge unique in the literature.
cromis based on apparent differences of the sulcus, a wider cauda, and a slightly convex outerface.
Reduction in sperm counts in testes and cauda epididymides may also be due to suppression of gonadotropic hormone after treatment (Bastias et al., 1993).
Cauda equina syndrome is characterized by lower extremity weakness or paralysis, bowel or bladder sphincter dysfunction, and saddle anesthesia.
nudicaudatus tem membros posteriores alongados, o que move o centro de gravidade para cima, aumentando a oscilacao e reduzindo a estabilidade da locomocao em suportes arboricolas horizontais, e uma capacidade preensil reduzida nos seus membros e cauda, diminuindo a sua habilidade de escalada.
The motility of cauda epididymal spermatozoa was recorded.
My new favorite is pollo Milanese and zucchini trombetta with bagna cauda, which we serve at Caffe Cinquanta.