CAUEConseil d'Architecture, d'Urbanisme et de l'Environnement (French: Council of Architecture, Urbanism and Environment; various locations)
CAUECosto Anual Uniforme Equivalente (Spanish: Equivalent Uniform Annual Cost)
CAUEConference on Advances in Usability Engineering (Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology)
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The degree of compatibility was determined in the composite with addition of 2.5% in mass of dry vegetable fiber in the CP V-ARI (Caue) cement matrix, using 200.0 g of cement with 80.0 g of deionized water (water/binder relationship = 0.4) and 5.0 g of dry fiber.
Diego Ciquini Chaves da Silva and Caue Paiva da Rocha, St.
then out of a caue issued out the ladie Mary doughter to the kyng & with her seuen ladies, all appareled after the romayne fashion in rich clothe of gold of tissue & Crimosin tinsel bendy & their heres wrapped in calles of golde with bonetes of Crimosin veluet on their heddes, set full of pearle and stone: these eight Ladies daunced with the eight Lordes of the mount.
Os tratamentos foram doze genotipos de gramineas anuais de inverno, sendo tres de aveia branca (Avena sativa L.), URS 21, URS Guapa e Barbarasul; dois de trigo (Triticum aestivum L.), BRS Taruma e BRS Umbu; dois de triticale (X Triticosecale Wittmack), Embrapa 53 e BRS Minotauro; um de centeio (Secale cereale L.), BRS Serrano; um de cevada (Hordeum vulgare L.), BRS Caue; e tres de aveia preta (Avena strigosa Schreb.), IAPAR 61-Ibipora, Embrapa 139-Neblina e Ucronia.
Caue Xavier, a 25-year-old Brazilian, was a licensed lawyer in his home country.
The spermatozoa were classified as follows: normal (N), major defects (DMA), minor defects (DMN), degenerated head (CABD), degenerated intermediary section (PID), degenerated tail (CADE), fractured (CAUF) or curled (CAUE) tail, macrocephaly (MAE), normal isolated head (CIN), proximal drop (GP) or distal (GD) head, and folded tail (CAUD).
Edivar Santos Veloso Filho, Marconio Martins Rodrigues *, Maria Elizabete Oliveira, Marcelo Oliveira Alves Rufino, Caue Soares Camara, Bruno Spindola Garcez