CAUESChina Association of Urban Environmental Sanitation (founded in 1992; Beijing)
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performe, being admitted into the caues of the earth: force of
is no doubt great abundance of wynde, or stoare of grosse and drye vapors and spirites, fast shut vp, and as a man would saye, emprysoned in the Caues, and Dungeons of the Earth: which winde, or vapors, seeking to be set at libertie, and to get them home to their Naturall lodgings, in a great fume, violently rush out, and as it were, breake prison, which forcible Eruption, and strong breath, causeth an Earthquake.(616)
The Charits, for it breake their Peruqs, of golde: The Muses, and the Nymphes of Caues: I beholde: All the Gods vnder Olympus are constraint, On Laches, Clothon, and Atropos to plaine, And yet beautie, for it dooth make no complaint: For it liu'de with him, and died with him againe.