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CAULCouncil of Australian University Libraries
CAULCentro de Álgebra da Universidade de Lisboa
CAULCouncil of Atlantic University Librarians
CAULContext Aware Ubiquitous Learning
CAULChina Agricultural University Library
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INGREDIENTS | 1kg diced venison haunch | 400g venison liver | 400g venison heart | 200g belly pork | 200g smoked bacon | 100g fresh breadcrumbs | 2tbsp chopped fresh thyme | 2tbsp chopped fresh parsley | 2tbsp beef extract (Bovril) | Salt & pepper | 300g pig's/lamb's caul | 300g red wine | Approximately 500g good quality beef stock | Butter for frying METHOD Soak the caul in cold water and set aside.
About CAUL The Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL) comprises the university librarians or library directors of 39 Australian universities.
Repeat process with remaining roulades and caul fat.
Caul will compete in the 200 and 400m individual medley.
Debut: Peat Earnshaw, Denny Hutton, Tim Warren, Dylan Giles and Yuri Caul
200g pig's liver 400g belly of pork 100g pig's heart 125g pig's caul 100g finely-diced onions 1 heaped tsp chopped fresh sage 75g white breadcrumbs
Deputy State Fire Marshall John Caul said both banned retardants harmed the environment.
Sandy Caul, a Mount Pleasant Republican who introduced the bill, said using the Michigan Veterans Trust Fund to help finance tuition waivers has depleted the amount of emergency help the fund can provide by about $1 million a year.
Having considered the personal process of information usage, the students were then introduced to the CAUL information literacy standards (CAUL, 2001).
High Priest Crosbie claims to have been born with a mask of skin - or caul - over his face and that this relatively common condition led directly to his self-professed greatness.
The Caul standards have been modified to substitute broad alternate learning outcomes.
Harry Caul, of ``The Conversation,'' uses surveillance equipment.