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CAUSCitizens Against UFO Secrecy (Peter Gersten, Esq, Founder)
CAUSColor Association of the United States
CAUSCausativo (Portuguese and Spanish: Causative; linguistics)
CAUSCollege of Architecture & Urban Studies (Virginia Tech)
CAUSCentral de Acción de Unificación Sindical (Spanish: Labor Action and Unity Central, Nicaragua)
CAUSCitizens Against Urban Sprawl
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CAUS allows these institutions to eliminate subjectivity from the approval process and ensure that underwriting standards are in compliance.
In addition, the heirs cannot claim that their request to CAUS included a request under Article XI(4) to resolve double taxation problems with these intangible assets which the "credit" system, without more, cannot correct.
A survey of CAUS members demonstrated that there is considerable variability between the different training programs, with 36% of respondents reporting no structured evaluation method in place.
He said the CAUS government should apologise to Pakhtuns.
CAUS issues annual and future forecasts of color palettes to an incredibly diverse array of industries from automobile makers to fashion designers.
He was arrested by the then Northern Alliance and handed over CAUS forces.
Walch, of CAUS, definitely sees the return to formality.
The glosses used are as follows (in alphabetical order): ADJ adjective; AF actor focus; APT aptative (involuntary--abilitative--coincidental mode); CAUS causative; COMIT comitative; COND conditional; EXCL exclusive; EXIST existential; FUT future; GEN genitive; GF goal focus; IMPER imperative; IMPF imperfective; INCL inclusive; INVOL involuntary; LNK linker; NOM nominalizer; NT(RIG) nontrigger (core) noun marker; OBL oblique; PF perfective; PM predictive marker (ay 'inversion'); QUES interrogative; RE realis; RECIP reciprocal; SUPER superlative; TRIG trigger article.
OUTSTA OUTST NDING PERFORMANCE IN A LOSING CAUS USE: E: Dutch defender Ron Dutch defender Ron Vlaar v Argentina.
CAUS is encouraged to see tuition frozen for another year while consultation on changes to the post-secondary system is carried out.