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CAUSECenter for Asian Americans United for Self Empowerment (formerly Chinese Americans United for Self Empowerment; Pasadena, CA)
CAUSECentral Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy
CAUSEComputer-Aided Usability Engineering
CAUSEChinese Americans United for Self Empowerment (now Center for Asian Americans United for Self Empowerment; Pasadena, CA)
CAUSECollege And University System Exchange
CAUSECitizens Against Urban Sprawl Everywhere
CAUSECampaign Against UnSolicited Email
CAUSECitizens Against Urban Sprawl Expressways
CAUSEComputer Aided User Oriented System Evaluation
CAUSEComputer-Assisted Utility System Evaluation
CAUSECitizens Advocating Using Sustainable Energy (Alberta, Canada)
CAUSECreating Awareness for Upholding Social Empowerment (India)
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And so there was no one cause for that occurrence, but it had to occur because it had to.
The historians tell us with naive assurance that its causes were the wrongs inflicted on the Duke of Oldenburg, the nonobservance of the Continental System, the ambition of Napoleon, the firmness of Alexander, the mistakes of the diplomatists, and so on.
It was necessary that millions of men in whose hands lay the real power- the soldiers who fired, or transported provisions and guns- should consent to carry out the will of these weak individuals, and should have been induced to do so by an infinite number of diverse and complex causes.
But the observable fact is that the stimulus of being in the cage produces differing results with repetition, and that the ascertainable cause of the cat's behaviour is not merely the cage and its own ascertainable organization, but also its past history in regard to the cage.
But as a rule objects do have the qualities added by perception, which is to be expected, since experience of what is usual is the cause of the addition.
when it is the mnemic portion of the cause of future occurrences in the animal's life.
As the denial or perversion of justice by the sentences of courts, as well as in any other manner, is with reason classed among the just causes of war, it will follow that the federal judiciary ought to have cognizance of all causes in which the citizens of other countries are concerned.
The power of determining causes between two States, between one State and the citizens of another, and between the citizens of different States, is perhaps not less essential to the peace of the Union than that which has been just examined.
Poverty of the State exchequer causes an army to be maintained by contributions from a distance.
There is also another court called at Athens the Court of Phreattae, which determines points relating to a murder committed by one who has run away, to decide whether he shall return; though such an affair happens but seldom, and in very large cities; the seventh, to determine causes wherein strangers are concerned, and this whether they are between stranger and stranger or between a stranger and a citizen.
If this remark be just, it becomes useful to inquire whether so many JUST causes of war are likely to be given by UNITED AMERICA as by DISUNITED America; for if it should turn out that United America will probably give the fewest, then it will follow that in this respect the Union tends most to preserve the people in a state of peace with other nations.
The JUST causes of war, for the most part, arise either from violation of treaties or from direct violence.