CAUSSCitizens Against Ugly Street Spam
CAUSSCyberspace Association of US Submariners
CAUSSCommon Airborne USW (Under Sea Warfare) Sonobuoy Sensor System (US Navy)
CAUSSCampaign Against U Sign Stealers (web forum)
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Parmi les dc?s causs par ces accidents, 682 victimes taient ges de plus de 50 ans et 203 de moins de 5 ans, prcise-on.
Made in the Languedoc region in Southern France, Bleu des Causses is a close relation to the more wellknown Roquefort, aged for up to six months in cool limestone caves.
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The Grands Causses area is characterized by deep canyons (of approximately 400-m depth) in between limestone plateaus along the rivers Tarn and Jonte (Fig.
A car bomb exploded in Budaiya, west of Bahraini capital Manama on Saturday but caussed no casualties, according to the interior ministry.
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Complexes of the Mongolian Altai (Mongolia), The Causses and the Cevennes,
Knowing the effect (noise, vibrations) by using fish bone diagram, it is possible to identify the causses. The theoretical Quality Matrix (figure 1) show the potential solutions to improve the manufacture quality and reliability of the planetary gear.
In a similar vein is Bleu des Causses, a bold cheese whose whole cow's milk is farmed in the wild and fertile valleys throughout the Cantal Mountains and is more often unpasteurized (some accounts say it is always unpasteurized).