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CAUTCanadian Association of University Teachers
CAUTCommittee for the Advancement of University Teaching (Australia)
CAUTCollege and University Technicians (Piano Technicians Guild category)
CAUTCambridge Association of University Teachers (UK)
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CAUT also worried that targeted research funding would exacerbate regional and institutional disparities because, if there were no "core funding" (the running costs of institutions, including teaching as distinct from specific research), smaller and less research oriented institutions would receive no federal funding at all.
At secular universities and colleges, CAUT members do it all the time.
In Canada, CAUT (2008) pointed out that more than 6000 (67%) of the 9000 full-time university teachers hired between 1984 and 2004 were women.
CAUT official James Turk added that CAUT is now doing everything they possibly can to help get the federal government to restore funds, including making them aware of the enormous cost to First Nations communities.
The CAUT report on the SFU case," Noble has said, "is an important contribution to the cause of academic freedom in Canada, as an illustration of how the commercialization of universities compromises academic integrity.
The CAUT study found that the post-secondary participation rate of young people from low income families is rising far slower than the rates for middle and upper income groups.
CAUT seeks to ensure the interests of members are addressed, to advance professional standards, and to improve the quality of education.
Linda Briskin pursues this argument in "A Feminist Politic for the University: Beyond Individual Victimization and Toward a Transformed Academy/Une politique feministe pour l'universite: Au-dela des represailles personnelles et vers une universite transformee," CAUT Bulletin, March 1989, 10.
In 1996, CAUT has also funded the development of peer group learning in field education.
Earlier this year an article by Berezin and Hunter appeared in the February issue of the CAUT Bulletin and, in modified form in ACCN for March (pp.