CAVBConfederation of African Volleyball
CAVBCongenital Atrioventricular Block (heart abnormality)
CAVBClub Avallon Volley-Ball (Avallon, France)
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The response of the CAVB dog has been well preserved, but was not always quantified on aforementioned cellular or molecular level.
Baseline values of BVR respond to electrical remodeling in the different stages of the CAVB dog model in a similar way as QTc (Table 1b).
Where in SR or AAVB dofetilide in combination with anesthesia never induces TdP, there is a high TdP incidence in CAVB (74%).
Therefore, within the group of CAVB dogs we can discriminate three phenotypes: 1) animals that die from spontaneous arrhythmias (SCD), 2) animals that only show arrhythmias after a pharmacological challenge and 3) animals that are resistant to both spontaneous and drug-induced arrhythmias.
In the CAVB dog model, TO can be induced by numerous IKr-blockers.
Torsades de Pointes (TdP) was first described in a patient with acquired CAVB (2).
We sought to investigate the repolarization characteristics on 12-lead ECG and the incidence of TdP in patients with acquired CAVB.
Seventy two consecutive patients presenting with acquired CAVB were retrospectively included in the study, between January 2001 and December 2006.
Also, repolarization changes secondary to CAVB may indicate underlying potassium channelopathies (mutations and polymorphisms) (17).
17) recently described HERG mutations in 17% of patients presenting with CAVB and prolonged QT interval (>600 ms) in a French population.