CAVCCourt of Appeals for Veterans Claims
CAVCCommon Artrioventricular Canal (cardiology)
CAVCComplete Atrioventricular Canal (cardiology)
CAVCCenter for Art and Visual Culture
CAVCCanadian Army Veterinary Corps (est. 1910; Canada)
CAVCCoastal Area Volleyball Club (Texas)
CAVCCoalition against Violent Crime
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With more than 30 different A-levels and a huge range of careerfocused courses and apprenticeships, CAVC offers the widest choice of pathways across Cardiff and the Vale, running at different levels to allow individuals to achieve their goals, whether university or a dream career.
(199) As a part of that process, Congress has commanded the CAVC to "decide all relevant questions of law, interpret constitutional, statutory, and regulatory provisions, and determine the meaning or applicability of the terms of an action of the Administrator." (200) Furthermore, in reviewing CAVC decisions, Congress has instructed the Federal Circuit to "decide all relevant questions of law, including interpreting constitutional and statutory provisions." (201) Congress introduced two layers of independent review of interpretive questions to the veterans' benefits adjudication system because the VA was struggling to meet the needs of veterans.
decided, but he also requested that the CAVC certify a class "under
(iv) There exist U [member of] [C.sup.kxm] and V [member of] [C.sup.nxl] such that BUAB = B, CAVC = C, and BU = VC.
Dissatisfied beneficiaries must first appeal the decision to the Board of Veterans' Appeals (BVA) (161) and then to the CAVC, an Article I court composed of nine judges appointed for fifteen-year terms (162) with exclusive jurisdiction over decisions made by the BVA.
Flow recordings across the cAVC (12.5 dpc: future MV n = 1; future TV n = 11) and developing MV and TV orifices (14.5 dpc: MV n = 17, TV n = 20; 17.5 dpc: MV n = 16, TV n = 14) were performed to assess the peak-E (early/passive ventricular filling by ventricular relaxation in early diastole) and peak-A wave velocities (active ventricular filling due to atrial contraction); hence the E/A ratios were calculated.
(114) While these employees are expected to be knowledgeable of and to apply formal legal authorities (i.e., statutes, regulations, VA General Counsel precedential opinions, and precedential opinions from the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC) or the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (Federal Circuit)) when adjudicating MST claims, in practice, they are instead more apt to rely on "administrative" sources such as the VA Disability Adjudication Procedure Manual, fast letters, training letters, and circulars.
Board decisions can be appealed to the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC).
Now, a group called Citizens Against Violent Crime (CAVC) has successfully qualified a reform measure for the 2004 ballot.
It provides that the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC) may exercise the management, administrative, and fund expenditure authorities available to other U.S.
CAVC Head of General Education Yusuf Ibrahim said: "We have a real commitment to continually improve the quality of education for our students and these A-level results are a strong foundation on which to build.