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CAVEATCoronary Angioplasty Versus Excisional Atherectomy Trial
CAVEATCitizens Against Violence Everywhere Advocating Its Termination
CAVEATComputer-Assisted Vector Evaluation and Target Design
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The anti-corruption commission and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations are on the spot for "frustrating" private developers through the placement of caveats on land suspected to have been acquired irregularly.The investors, according to cases filed in court, are protesting delayed completion of investigations into the properties.
'As you can find out, in the caveat, my master mentioned nothing about Zakir Naik.
In scenarios where the title deed for a unit has been issued, the customer does not need to register a caveat. If such a unit is to be mortgaged, the customer's lender will register the interest as mortgagee by filing a mortgage form and paying the applicable fees.
First, judge advocates must understand the shifting nature of caveats, both declared and undeclared, and the impacts these have on mission planning and execution.
If the caveator is not a state agency or a resident of the Florida county where the caveat is filed, the caveator shall must file a designation of designate an agent for service of notice.
Where none of these exceptions are present, caveat emptor will prevent a purchaser from re-opening the contract, if subsequent to conveyance, the purchaser concludes that the land does not have the quality that the purchaser assumed it had.
The Heart of the Caveat Whale Book One: The Captives begins a trilogy set in a world struggling against the tyrannical domination of the MerKing.
One other caveat, if the gun is in really good condition, take care of it.
"Our cost structure is lean and nimble," he says, "which allows us to get a niche vehicle to market faster and less expensively with the caveat that we are able to leverage their parts bin to do so."
The one caveat is that adult readers are probably more likely to enjoy the book than teenagers because of the ages and issues of the characters.
Blask notes a caveat to the new analysis: Diet can influence prostate cancer, and the Japanese study didn't determine whether the rotating-shift workers had less healthful diets than other men.
It would be prudent to apply the ancient doctrine of caveat emptor (let the buyer beware).