CAVETConsorzio Alta Velocita Emilia Toscana (Italian: Emilia Tuscany High Speed Consortium)
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1598, [seccion] 1 haud inepte explicite cavet de inspectione actorum a iudice decreto <<partibus et advocatis>> permissa.
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Nicholas Cavet, strategy director at VSA Partners, says monetization of a fixed userbase by average revenue per user will continue to be the most challenging issue faced by social media platforms.
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Al respecto, Cavet (2011) ha dibujado un elocuente recorrido por lo acontecido en Francia desde inicios del siglo XX, demostrando que el devenir de los tiempos escolares ha sido utilizado como comodin para hacer frente a la emergencia de diversos retos sociales:
Top of the class was Rachel Cavet, who found out she had scored two A* grades, two As and a B while on holiday on France, and will now study medicine at the University of Birmingham.
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For young people with disabilities, participation in leisure activities has been found to be a means of reducing social isolation, promoting a positive self-image, and developing skills and a sense of accomplishment (Cavet, 1998).