CAVICentre for Advanced Visualization and Interaction (Aarhus, Denmark)
CAVICardio-Ankle Vascular Index (Japan)
CAVICapital Alliance Ventures Inc. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
CAVICentre AudioVisuel et Informatique (French: Audiovisual and Computer Center; University of the New Sorbonne; Paris, France)
CAVIComputer-Assisted Video Interactive (medical education)
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[5] When viewed at a distance, from their manner of walking and colour they resemble pigs: but when seated on their haunches, and attentively watching any object with one eye, they reassume the appearance of their congeners, cavies and rabbits.
"Epidemiologic and traceback evidence indicates Cavi brand whole, fresh papayas are a likely source of this outbreak.
CAVI and heart-ankle (ha) PWV were measured using the Vasera 1500N (Fukuda-Denshi, Japan) with the participant resting supine for at least 10 minutes before the measurement.
Gender differences in HDL-C, sdLDL, preheparin serum LPL mass, leptin, adiponectin, CRP, DBP, and CAVI were significant both before and after adjusting for %TFM and %LFM.
* For the five AIS-A pa ents in the SCiStar study treated with 10 million AST-OPC1 cells (Cohort 2), who also received a serial MRI scan at six months of follow-up, the serial MRI scans at six months indicated no sign of lesion cavies in any pa ent.
Therefore, the current study aimed to assess potential associations among pulmonary function, ARB, and arterial stiffness as evaluated using CAVI instead of PWV in individuals suffering from chronic heart failure.
Flamar Cavi Elettrici makes custom cables from design to finished product for industrial, automation, robotics, broadcast audio and video and telecommunications applications.
CAVI dispone en su sede central de 13 silos horizontales (tambien denominados silos bunker) para almacenar forraje.
Tratos Cavi produced the cable, which was then handed over to Criotec to be inserted into stainless steel tube composed of 58 individual sections welded together.
Towards the end of 2011, the handful of intrepid voyagers into the specific sonic and interpretational world of Dvorak's piano oeuvre was joined by Claudia Schellenberger, a German pianist with Moravian roots on her mother's side, a fact she proudly highlights in her erudite and interesting text for the booklet to the CD released in May 2012 by the German label CAvi (it has previously released the pianist's CD Danzas Argentinas, featuring compositions by Gottschalk, Ginaster and Lecuon).