CAVLConseil Académique de la Vie Lycéenne (French: Academic Council of High School Life)
CAVLCentre Audiovisuel Liège (French: Liege Audiovisual Center; Liège, Belgium)
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Besides NOS/NO signaling, genetic profiling assay also showed that silencing CAVl in stromal cells, 48 known ROS-related genes were upregulated, which are mainly associated with mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation and peroxisome biogenesis.
The overall inhibition of PPAR signaling KEGG pathway, the reduction in Ppar[gamma] expression and its downstream genes regulating FA uptake (Fabp4), FA synthesis (Fasn), FA desaturation (Scd), and lipid droplet formation (Cavl) due to trans-10, cis-12-CLA, all support a role for PPAR[gamma] in murine mammary lipid metabolism.
of employees 62 52 Media Usage Advertising 70% 20% Public relations 15% 75% Sales promotion 5% Direct marketing 5% 5% Internet marketing 5% Agribusiness Clients: ADM Animal Health & Nutrition Div., 1999; AgriTalk, 1994; AgSpan, 2000; Allflex USA, Inc., 1990; Apeis Corp, 2000; Aviagen Group, 1998; AzTx Catle Co., 1981; Bradley Country Meats, Inc., 1998; CAVL, Inc., 1992; Cactus Feeders, 1987; DeLaval Inc., 1995; Elanco Animal Health (Cattle Business Unit), 1999; Gustafson, Inc., 2000; Hi Pointe Swine Genetics, 1999; Lignotech USA, 1995; MachineryLink, 2000; Micro Beef Technologies, Inc., 1992; Moorman's Mfg., 1999; Murphy Farms, 1997; Pioneer Hi-Bred Intl.