CAWACanadian Amateur Wrestling Association
CAWACertified Animal Welfare Administrator (certification)
CAWAClub des Amis des Webmestres de l'Administration (Paris, France)
CAWACalifornia/Arizona Watermelon Association
CAWAClimbers' Association of Western Australia (Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia)
CAWACarl A. Worthington and Associates (Denver, CO architects)
CAWACoalition of Alabama Waterways Associations (regional development group)
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With that somewhat inauspicious, harried and desperate beginning, it was only fitting that the executive director of the CAWA should call and inform us of a strike at the Israeli airline, El Al.
This level of payment suited us just fine since with the usual largesse of the CAWA, we had sufficient funds to purchase croissants all around for at least a day.
We need wireless integrators such as Stellcom to provide the services that move CAWA into the market under our Wireless Integration Partner program.
My little sister Frances cawas trapped inside the fire as it took hold.
CA Police spokesman Colonel Abdul Ghafoor told this news agency the disputed area CAwas under the control of security forces.
The Global Post newspaper quoted Richard Holbrooke as saying the United States CAwas not part of President Hamid Karzai's reconciliation strategy.
On this occasion, Japanese ambassador to Afghanistan Shingeyuki Hiroki said that he CAwas happy over his countrys assistance for Afghanistan.
CA Addressing the news conference, Governor Gulab Mangal said the purpose of the visit CAwas to ensure good governance in the province.
The overnight rescue work CAwas slow due to the freezing of road-clearing CAmachines, but the effort was CAintensified this morning.
The rescue work CAwas slow last night due to freezing of road clearing CAmachines, but in the morning the rescue efforts were CAintensified.
CA The 7-member kidnapping group including its ring leader identified as Gulbaddin CAwas arrested by intelligence operatives at a time when the kidnappers wanted to CAabduct a trader belonging to Helmand province.
Siddiq added the plots were sold from 200,000 to 450,000 afghanis and the process CAwas still on to generate more revenue.