CAWCDCentral Arizona Water Conservation District
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Deputy General Manager Thomas McCann at CAWCD, which operates the CAP, described the agreement as, "a critical first step toward improving the reliability of the transmission system that delivers energy to CAP pumps so that water can continue to flow uphill from the Colorado River into central Arizona.
told CAWCD they could do the job for $125,000 less if they were allowed to use HDPE--the owner became intrigued.
This is where HDPE has a distinct advantage over other piping materials and why CAWCD decided to use the pipe.
The Tonopah Desert Recharge Project is part of a water conservation project developed by CAWCD, which owns a 336-mile canal that distributes Colorado River Water to a large part of Arizona.
The Central Arizona Water Conservation District, or CAWCD for short, has released a study estimating that Arizona faces a shortfall of 7.